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What are the warning signs of electrical fires?

repairing electrical firesElectrical fires can pose a devastating and unanticipated emergency for any residence or commercial establishment. The electrical wiring of a building has the potential to initiate a fire through a process known as ‘arcing’. Arcing happens when a current goes through a crack or circuit break and creates sparks and heat. If conditions are favorable, these sparks and heat can cause the surrounding area to catch fire. Understanding the warning signs of electrical fires is crucial to preventing them. For this reason, Emergency Electrician Bromley has compiled a list of the most common signs of an electrical fire.

Signs of an electrical fire

The most prevalent symptoms or indications of an electrical fire are enumerated below. If even one of these signs occurs frequently, we strongly recommend contacting a licensed electrician for a residential or commercial inspection.

Flickering lights

If you’ve ever wondered why your lights blink, it might be because your home’s electrical system is not working properly. Constant flickering or dimming of lights is a common sign of frayed or loose connections. If this problem continues to occur even after replacing bulbs, take note of the room where it occurs and contact a professional.

Frequent circuit breaker tripping

Occasional tripping of the circuit breaker is normal for most homes, but if it occurs several times a week, it may indicate a short circuit. A short circuit is a significant flow of electric current that arises from incorrect connections. This level of current is dangerous and stops the flow of electricity. Fuses can also go off when this happens, so it’s best to swap them out for larger ones.

Sockets emitting heat or odor

Overloaded sockets are often hot to the touch. In some cases, these sockets can also produce an unpleasant smell reminiscent of smoke or fire. You should ensure that you do not exceed the capacity of an outlet and use surge protectors or quality power bars. Do not place these power bars under carpets, clothes or other materials that may increase heat or pose a fire hazard.

If you see any of these signs, contact Emergency Plumber Derby through our website or at 02038074738. We can perform a thorough inspection to determine the cause and make repairs to keep your home or structure safe. Call us at 02038074738 and request a repair or maintenance job that meets your needs.

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